Accordian Book

“Violence Transformed”

By Cece, Chelsey, Georgina, Kathy, Kyana, Jazmine, Jessica, Quiarah, and Stacia

This handmade accordion book entitled Violence Transformed, was created by girls at Spectrum Detention to address the question: “How does violence effect each of us, and what transforms violence?” The accordion book features self-portraits, juxtaposed with text written by the artists that reads: “Violence is… misunderstood, hurtful, unacceptable, wrong, ugly.” The self-portraits were inspired by silhouette art, including the work of contemporary African American artist Kara Walker. The girls worked together with light and shadow to create large silhouettes in charcoal, which they later turned into block prints. In the words of the artists the self-portraits are about “expressing yourself and loving yourself,” “flying to freedom,” and “never giving up.”