Welcome to the Archive | Years 1-9

Violence Transformed gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a 2015 grant award from the David Bor Library Foundation of the Cambridge Health Alliance: a grant that has made possible the creation of a digital archive of the first nine years of Violence Transformed: 2007-2015. We are an annual–and annually expanding—series of visual and performing arts events. vt-collageWe look forward to regularly updating this archive over the coming years as a living document of the work that goes into Violence Transformed each year and at each of our amazing venues. The purpose of this archive is to provide comprehensive information about Violence Transformed and its evolution and to share with the viewer images from each Violence Transformed exhibit since 2007. This archive can be navigated by year or venue, and provides links to the other pages on our website, where more information can be obtained and where news of current and upcoming exhibits can be accessed.This archive was designed and constructed by: Digital Archivist Elizabeth Chambers; Consulting Artist, Documentarian and Photographer Ruth Rosner; and Website Developer Ivor Scott Cummings in consultation with Violence Transformed Director, Mary Harvey, and Violence Transformed Graphic Designer Ron Wilhelmsen. Albums created by our Facebook manager and Social Media Consultant Anastasia Blyum and photographs by Pamela Green of Roxbury Community College’s Media Arts Center served as important sources of images for this archive. In addition, we are grateful to all of our exhibit curators and venue representatives who contributed visual images, feedback and commentary as well as essays concerning their own and/or their organization’s involvement in Violence Transformed. Visitors to this archive are invited to explore our entire website for additional images and information.To learn more about Violence Transformed, please visit our About page.