Brenda Steinberg

The first drawings I distinctly remember were those I drew on the blackboard for
my classmates when my teacher left the room. I was seven and the drawings
were cartoon characters. This pastime yielded to endless doodling in my schoolbooks
and eventually into more serious artistic endeavors. My work is influenced by just
about everything I encounter: by the beauty of nature and of manufactured objects,
by people— delight in their generosity and kindness; dismay at their willful and often
unwitting inhumanity to the men, women, children, and animals with whom we/they
share the world. My work expresses these concerns both because my emotional
response is inevitably translated into art and because I believe that it is my responsibility
as an artist to share my concerns about violence and injustice. I employ a variety of materials. Each individual piece develops from an interaction between particular materials, a concept,
and the work itself as it evolves. Each piece is a work of love.