Cambridge College & Violence Transformed

Past Events with Violence Transformed:

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2015 — Violence Transformed 2015: Art Speaks Truth to Power

2014 — Violence Transformed 2014: The Artist’s Voice

2013 — Voices from the Field: Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence

2013 — Violence Transformed 2013: Artists Respond to Domestic Violence

2012 — The Question Campaign: 21 Days of Questions, 365 Days of Action

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Cambridge College and Violence Transformed: A transformative partnership…

By Phillip Page, Director of Partnerships

In October 2012 Cambridge College was asked by current State Representative, and then Cambridge City Councilor Marjorie Decker, to join in the 21 Days of Questions /365 Days of Action program whereby the entire City was invited to play a part in an interactive question campaign to understand and address domestic violence. Initially asked to simply host an opening meeting, it was my hope, as Director of Partnerships, to leverage our faculty and programs to contribute to learning more about the issues of trauma and violence.

For an institution seeking to reestablish its connection to the community, the 21 Days of Questions /365 Days of Action Initiative was the perfect vehicle to engage Cambridge College and to elevate awareness of our unique social justice mission. It was my belief that this community initiative was not only strongly aligned with the College’s mission, but that it would be an excellent way to showcase the strengths of our School of Psychology and Counseling faculty and students. It was under this umbrella that a unique opening turned into a meaningful relationship between Cambridge College and Violence Transformed.

What started out as an opportunity to introduce an exhibition of art and performances as a feature of the opening reception, turned out to become, in fact, the feature itself. Under the energetic leadership of Mary Harvey, everyone soon learned the power of Violence Transformed. For the Opening Reception of “21 Days”, the Violence Transformed team orchestrated an amazing array of art, music and poetry that reflected the depth of their commitment to raise awareness and address the issue of domestic violence in an active and meaningful way. With the success of this effort as a backdrop I was able to build momentum within our School of Psychology and Counseling to design and deliver a three part series entitled “Voices from the Field: Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence”. This series allowed faculty and invited guests to share compelling stories of cause and effect, lessons learned and transformation. The outcome overwhelmingly exceeded our expectations.

By the end of this initial experience, the extent of the engagement and consideration we each had for this critical subject matter, made it clear that this would become a shared experience for years to come. And so it has.

The College is proud to be entering its fourth year as an annual collaborator with Violence Transformed. Each year the relationship has afforded the College and Violence Transformed, the opportunity to link our missions and passion to both share and provoke meaningful dialogue around all nature of violence that we all know to be a significant epidemic in the United States. We recognize that addressing this epidemic starts first with helping people to see alternatives in their lives and livelihood. Violence Transformed does this principally through the arts; and we do so by creating opportunities for students who are parents and partners, young and old, domestic and international to pursue their dreams of creating sustainable careers through education. Working with community-serving organizations like Violence Transformed is a critical means by which we are able to achieve our goal.

Collaboration, with an emphasis towards mutual beneficial goals, is inherently a key part of my work as Director of Partnerships for the College. Mary Harvey, Hope Ricciardi and all of the many talented contributors within Violence Transformed, have become shining examples of how to achieve that goal…and then some. While we share mutual admiration for the distinct roles we bring to the relationship, I can honestly say that their steadfast commitment to the issue and unwaveringly positive approach to the work that it requires from each of us, will be the inspiration required to see this as rewarding, long term experience.