Copley Place/Simon Property Group, Inc. & Violence Transformed

Past Events with Violence Transformed:

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2014 — “Celebrating the Transformative Power of Art at Copley Place: (Un)Covering Violence Transformed” Exhibit and Fundraising Celebration


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Meet Hope Ricciardi, Curator of Copley Celebration Performances

Artist and Violence Coordinator of Performing Arts

I have been an artist and teacher for 35+ years. Currently, I operate a studio in the SOWA art district of Boston where I paint, draw and teach. I am the Co-chair of United South End Artists, the largest arts organization in Boston, and meet regularly with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Planning, working with the new initiative, Boston Creates.

In 2010 I met Mary Harvey, founder and director of Violence Transformed; I have worked with the group ever since. As Performance Coordinator, I have scheduled New England musicians and performers for our year-round events. As Violence Transformed has themes for each event, performers choose work that addresses the current topic. We have had rap artists with lyrics about racial tensions, classical musicians playing work composed by survivors of the Armenian genocide, and plays with cast members who are survivors of domestic violence. Our audiences include all ages, income levels and ethnicities; all events are free to the public. So far, we have held events in Boston, Cambridge and the greater Boston area. For the future, we are looking to expand into New York City and other metropolitan areas.

I participate in Violence Transformed because it sends an important message to a large population. We live in a city and a world that has daily acts of violence. The more it is unveiled, the more likely we can solve this escalating situation. Although violence motivates our events, we work hard to engage artists that offer a message of hope and solutions. As a curator, I look for images of recovery after violence, rather than acts of violence. In addressing difficult issues, we offer hopeful messages to the survivors and communities. I am very fortunate to be a participant in Violence Transformed as it grows into a force that could change society.