In the Time of COVID-19 | 2020-2021 Virtual Exhibition Series of Multimedia Art

Featured exhibition:


The Art of Carlos Byron

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This exhibition series of multimedia art is co-curated by artists Hakim Raquib and Walter Crump, who will also be presenting their own bodies of work. New featured artist exhibitions will be posted on the Violence Transformed website every six weeks, while preceding exhibitions will remain online for our audience. The entire series will run through Spring 2021.

The virtual exhibition series will feature artists whose work contemplates the social and/or personal consequences of a pandemic, whether the pathogen be of physical (the COVID-19 virus), or of social (for example, police brutality among people of color) origin.

See the preceding exhibitions in this series:

The Surge 2020
Photography by Hakim Raquib

South SideĀ 
Photography by Jon Lowenstein

America: Timelines and Traditions
Multimedia Art by Shea Justice

The Transcendence of the Ancestors
Fiber Art and Mixed Media by Susan Thompson

Hakim Raquib, "I Can't Breathe," 2020, digitally treated photograph