Violence Transformed
is an annual series of visual and performing arts events that celebrate the power of art, artists and art-making to confront, challenge and mediate violence.
Based primarily in the center and surrounding neighborhoods of Greater Boston and drawing upon the creative energies of artists throughout New England, Violence Transformed documents the ways in which our diverse communities harness art’s potential to effect social change and materially transform our environments.

Violence Transformed also represents a unique collaboration among artists, activists, museum professionals, academics, and community service providers from diverse segments of the greater Boston area. We share the conviction that art and art-making are essential to the well-being and vibrancy of our communities.

A Brief History of Violence Transformed
Violence Transformedbegan in 2007 as a community initiative of the Victims of Violence Program of the Cambridge Health Alliance in an effort to draw attention to the transformative possibilities of art. It blossomed into an exhibit at the Massachusetts Statehouse curated by members of diverse arts, education and community service organizations and highlighted by an unforgettable evening of live performances. More than 3,000 children, families, students, legislators and their constituents visited the exhibit or attended the opening event. Each year since 2007, Violence Transformed has expanded beyond the State House to include exhibitions of visual and performing arts in  a variety of other venues.

As a result of Violence Transformed, a wide range of visual and performing artists at different stages in their careers have had the opportunity to create new works and present existing pieces to diverse audiences. Arts organizations and community service providers have raised awareness of their activities through participation in the project. By celebrating the range of art and art-making projects that confront, challenge and imagine alternatives to violence, stronger ties across professional, geographic, generational and ethnic margins have been forged, generating new partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

The Statehouse Exhibit
Each year, the focal point of Violence Transformed is an exhibit of works in varied media held at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston and scheduled in concert with the annual Victim Rights Conference of the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance. The exhibition draws the attention of government officials and the general public to art and artists as crucial sources of societal and community transformation.

Each year,  the State House exhibit includes a range of artworks and perspectives to provoke debate, reflection and action. Our 2013 curatorial teams are selecting groups of work that express, for them, art’s transformative relationship with violence. Their experiences, perspectives and choices provide representative insight into the range of artistic strategies at work in the area today.

To learn more about this year’s curatorial teams, please see “Who We Are” on the Violence Transformed 2013 website (www.violencetransformed

The Digital Exhibit

Violence Transformed 2013 will include a digital exhibit curated by Jonathan Shirland, Gail Bos and Ron Wilhelmsen. The digital display consists of images of works which because of size, location or medium (and space constraints at our exhibition locations) cannot be physically included in our series of exhibits. Carefully organized thematically, high resolution scans of these works, accompanied by printed details of the artists represented, will be projected on a continuous loop throughout the entire run of the State House exhibition and will then travel to other locations.

For more details about how to submit work for consideration in the digital exhibit and other 2013 venues please refer to our 2013 Artist Call, available on our website:

An Expanding Calendar of Events

The Statehouse exhibit will again serve as a  centerpiece of a series of Violence Transformed 2013 exhibitions and performances taking place at diverse venues throughout the greater Boston area from the fall of 2012 through the summer of 2013.  The Violence Transformed 2013 “season” began early this year  on October 17, 2012 at Cambridge College where we co-hosted (with the Victims of Violence Program, Cambridge College and the City of Cambridge)  a collaborative launching of the city’s “21 Days of Questions/365 Days of Action” initiative to address domestic violence.  In the Spring, this campaign will culminate with a return to Cambrige College for a Violence Transformed exhibit of visual and performing arts.  In February, on V-Day,  the Expressive Dance Therapy Program of Lesley University’s Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, a new participant in Violence Transformed, will take to the street with  a “One Billion Rising” event designed to counter violence against women and girls.  And, beginning in March and continuing through August, an expanding series of visual and performing arts events will unfold at venues throughout the greater Boston area:  including: Wheelock College,  The Harriet Tubman House, Resnikoff Gallery at Roxbury Community College, Cambridge College, Connelly Library in J.P., the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists and other venues.  Keep checking our website to learn more.

Please Support Violence Transformed!

You can play an important role in sustaining this collaborative project and in raising your own community’s consciousness by contributing to the Violence Transformed 2012 fund drive. No gift is too big or too small and can be tax deductible.To learn how you can make a donation, visit Donate to Violence Transformed on our website: