School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (SMFA) & Violence Transformed

Past Events with Violence Transformed:

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2012 — Violence Transformed 2012: The Artist’s Voice (featured artists)

2010 — Violence Transforms Presents: Combat Paper (faculty presenter)

2008 — Violence Transformed State House Exhibit (faculty co-curated)

2008  — The Artist’s Voice (faculty co-curated)

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Meet Carol Daynard, Liaison to School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Co-curator of Harriet Tubman House, Curator of Day of Remembrance Children’s Hospital, Contributing Artist, and Violence Transformed Organizing Committee

I have worked with the organizing committee for Violence Transformed in planning program and curating the art for exhibits at the Resnikoff Gallery, Harriet Tubman Gallery and the State House as well as Children’s Hospital. For the Roxbury Community College Resnikoff Gallery site, this work has involved working with students and faculty as well as administrators at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. In the early years, I worked with Laura Fishman who helped to identify students in the graduate program. This show expanded to include Mass Art students as well as Roxbury Community College students and became a collaboration between the three schools with Ekua Holmes from Mass Art and Christine Tinsley, a student at the SMFA. Laura also worked with me on two shows at Children’s Hospital marking the Day of Remembrance which honored all the children who had died in that year as a result of abuse. In the third year, Barry Gaither from the National Center of African American Artists curated the show which included a portfolio of children’s art.

In 2014, I curated and contributed to a separate show at Resnikoff Gallery entitled “Tributes and Tribulations”. I also co-curated at Tubman House with Chelsea Reveille, the arts director of community programs at United South End Settlement, which houses the gallery.

As an artist, I have contributed to all these venues and to shows at Cambridge College as well as the community columns at the State House during the Violence Transformed exhibits there each year.