South Side | Jon Lowenstein

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Artist Statement by Jon Lowenstein

Jon Lowenstein specializes in long-term, in-depth documentary explorations that confront the realms of power, poverty, and social violence. Through the integral combination of photography, moving images, experiential prose and personal testimonials, he strives for unsparing clarity by revealing the subjects of history that lack voice.

The body of work featured in Violence Transformed comes from South Side, a long-term documentary exploration of Chicago's South Side. The work incorporates imagery and short experimental films examining the legacy of segregation, the impact of vast wealth inequality and how deindustrialization and globalization plays out on the ground in Chicago.

The Advocate is a feature documentary film by Jon Lowenstein following the journey of Jedidiah Brown, a Black advocate fighting for a new America. It's currently in the process of crowdfunding to be finished and released!

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