Violence Transformed: The Chairs Project


The Chairs Project

A Violence Transformed 2013 Event Exhibits at student selected sites around the city.
Doric Hall, Massachusetts State House, and
Resnikoff Gallery at Roxbury Community College.

Special Attention: Students and Faculty of:
Massachusetts College of Art and Design,
Roxbury Community College,
The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Violence Transformed is an annual series of visual and performing arts events
that celebrate the power of art, artists, and art making to confront, challenge and
mediate violence. This year Violence Transformed 2013 will present THE CHAIRS PROJECT, a unique collaboration among the faculty and the art and performance students in the above schools.
THE CHAIRS PROJECT is open to any instructor and their class and to individual
art students.

Art work that respond to issues of violence: protest, refuge, healing, commemoration
set in installations that imagine alternatives to violence at sites that offer avenues for viewers to discover the power of art and art making to heal and transform human communities.


1. Artists will use handmade or found chairs as a platform for their response to issues concerning violence. The chair can be of any material – keep in mind the chair will not be protected at any site but durability is not a necessary quality if it fits in with your artistic expression.

2. Clusters of artists can work together to form installations in which the position of a chair as well as its design becomes important and to choose a site that is appropriate for the content of their installation.

Each artist or cluster of artists will prepare a proposal that includes:

a)      description of site –drawing or site plan(inside or outside site in the greater Boston area

b)     description of installation e.g. number of chairs, location of chairs in relation to one another

c)      date and time for installation and takedown

d)     designated person who will document installation with photos and interviews with audience

3. Performance artists can perform pieces in collaboration with an individual artist and their chairs or with a class and their installation piece. The performance group or individual performer will prepare a proposal that includes: a) description of the performance piece b) the necessary components for their presentation c) site description d)  date, time and place of performance e) person identified to document work with photographs and audience interviews

These proposals will be reviewed by a committee of students, faculty, and artists. Work will be chosen for the Statehouse exhibit in April and for The Resnikoff Gallery at Roxbury Community College in May.

If you are interested in participating please contact one of the following people:

Carol Daynard (SMFA)
Ekua Holmes (MASS ART)
Justin Chase (RCC)
Gail Burton for performance (RCC)

Reviews of the Proposals
During the month of February and March

Chairs will be installed at their sites during the months of March, April and May

Questions and inquiries from other schools are welcome: