Ubuntu Arts, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy Program of Wheelock College & Violence Transformed

Past Events with Violence Transformed:

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2015 — Ubuntu Arts: Living Ubuntu – The Youth Speak

2014 — Growing Ubuntu: The Youth Speak

2013 — Ubuntu Arts: Youth Transforming Violence

2012 — Being UBUNTU: The Youth Speak

2011  — Ubuntu Arts Retrospective: Youth Transforming Violence  (at Lesley University)

2011  — The Potential of UBUNTU: Youth Transforming Violence

2010  — Violence Transformed: Celebrating the Power of Art

2010  — The Energy of UBUNTU: Youth Transforming Violence

2009 — Are You UBUNTU?: Youth Transforming Violence

2008  — Violence Transformed State House Exhibit

2008  — Youth Transforming Violence: Ubuntu in the Works


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Our Partnership with Violence Transformed: 2006 – 2015

By Ann Tobey, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wheelock College, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy (JJYA) Program

In the JJYA program in 2006 we were looking for new ways to express the social injustice and traumatic impact of youth homicide in the Boston area. That fall we hosted our first art exhibit “Life Worth Remembering: Images of Four Street Memorials” at the Wheelock College Towne Art Gallery, where Mary Harvey first took an interest in the exhibit. As old colleagues we were happy to be reunited and to see that our work involving trauma and community had gained new momentum with the addition of the Arts.

Mary invited me to curate a portion of the first Violence Transformed exhibit in April 2007 at the Massachusetts State House and to join a curatorial team. Since that time Wheelock’s JJYA program has had the yearly privilege of being associated with Violence Transformed, exhibiting youth art work at the State House and other venues, and engaging with this cohesive network of individuals and institutions.

Having a partnership with Violence Transformed has helped JJYA develop our focus on arts and youth justice across institutional and community barriers. After our first arts-based project we went on to solidify our project based pedagogy with the creation of “Ubuntu Arts.” This annual collaborative art-making initiative is implemented through the integrative seminar course for students majoring in JJYA. In this course, college students are paired with groups of youth in various local settings where the students work with young people to facilitate collaborative art-making projects. Youth work together to conceptualize and create the artwork and the works are displayed each spring at Wheelock’s Towne Art Gallery in conjunction with Violence Transformed.

Violence Transformed has created a vibrant arts-justice network and expanded the reach of youth voice with the addition of venues and viewing audiences. In addition to yearly exhibits, Violence Transformed helped us plan and install a beautiful five-year retrospective at Lesley University and present our work at local and international conferences. Ubuntu Arts in partnership with Violence Transformed has provided benefits for hundreds of local youth, dozens of Wheelock students and thousands of viewers.